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Our software and publications are designed to work as a "suite" of solutions for your family law practice. A leader with California family law professionals, CFLR products solve support calculations, property division, and arrearages, and provide resources for case law research, and much more ...
Case Law

California Family Law Practice — The definitive California family law treatise. Includes full coverage of more than 3,000 family law cases, topical index, and much more.

CFLP-PC™ — Software version of California Family Law Practice™. In addition to all the contents covered by the print version, it contains full text of cases reviewed, full text of the Family Code, and query tools for fast searching and cross-referencing.

Court Companion™ — Condensed hardcopy version of California Family Law Practice. Perfect for use as a quick reference in court.

CFLR™ Magazine — Monthly periodical highlighting state and federal family law cases.

California Family Law First Alert™ — Weekly newsletter sent by e-mail, only hours after the case write-ups are completed. Subscription includes searchable archives and Citalerter™.

DissoMaster™ Suite — This product is a bundle of the following three software offered at a great discount in price.

DissoMaster™ — The leader in child & spousal support calculation software. Update service keeps calculations accurate whenever tax laws change.

Executioner™ — Easy-to-use software for calculating interest on unpaid spousal and child support, attorneys' fees, and property division payments.

Propertizer™ — Software providing accurate credit and debit division calculations for parties going through dissolution.



Family Law Practice Handbook™ (Nuts & Bolts) — Comprehensive, softbound desk reference outlining the procedures and techniques necessary for maintaining a family law practice.



CFLP-PC™ (Case Law)

DissoMaster™ Suite (Bundle of the following three software)

DissoMaster™ (Support)

Executioner™ (Arrearages)

Propertizer™ (Property division)




First Alert (Case Law)


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