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Family Law from the Experts:
Proving and Defending Claims of Domestic Violence

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California Family Law Report (CFLR) is proud to present Evidence: Proving and Defending Claims of Domestic Violence, the latest installment in its highly acclaimed Family Law from the Experts series. This program will be led by Justice Mark B. Simons and Judge Thomas Trent Lewis (Ret.), who will share their valuable insights on applying evidence law in domestic violence proceedings.

Most family law calendars are filled with domestic violence cases. These cases often proceed to hearing due to the high stakes involved. Your client's safety and liberty rights may be at stake, and there are likely to be complex issues of child custody, spousal support, attorney's fees, and property rights. This live-stream webinar, designed for those who are already familiar with the basics of domestic violence law, will help you master how the Evidence Code and its nuances apply to proving and defending domestic violence claims. It will help you create a strategy and plan for presenting your client’s case. During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to hone your skills by ruling on evidentiary objections in real time.

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 era, domestic violence cases are still going to be heard, whether in person or remotely. Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to distinguish yourself as a master at proving and defending domestic violence cases!




Justice Mark B. Simons
Judge Thomas Trent Lewis (Ret.)



Course Highlights

• Laying a proper foundation
• Different rules for different types of documents
• Specialized rules for electronically stored information

• Permissible recording
• Impermissible recording

• Is character at issue?
• Proper and improper use of character evidence

• What opinions can a lay person express?
• Qualifying experts
Sanchez and foundations for opinions
Sargon and permissible opinions

• Is it hearsay or not?
• Specialized rules for computer-generated information
• Are photos hearsay or not?
• Is it relevant even if not true?
• Understanding and applying the hearsay exceptions
• Doctrine of Limited Admissibility
• The Doctrine of Connectivity

• Is there a privilege?
• Was the privileged waived?
• What constitutes tender of condition?




Course Materials
The course materials include a copy of the complete set of slides and worksheets used by the panelists, plus other supplemental materials including the coveted Lewis Bench Blotters on domestic violence, child custody, Sanchez and Sargon issues and a wealth of analysis of common and complex issues. Enrollees in the live-stream webinar will be able to download course materials before the program and view them online during the program.




6 Hours MCLE/Specialization Credit
Approval of specialization credit in Family Law has been granted by the California Board of Legal Specialization, and approval of MCLE credit for this activity has been granted by The State Bar of California in the amount of 6 hours.


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November 21, 2020 (Sat.)
Program time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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