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Case of the Month Archive (from CFLR Monthly)

May 2024

People v. Lozano
(CA-1, per Tucher)

Rules of Evidence
April 2024

Newman v. Casey
(CA-1, per Banke)

March 2024

M.A. v. B.F.
(CA-4, per Gooding)

Domestic Violence
February 2024

In re Marriage of V.S. and V.K.
(CA-6, per Lie)

January 2024

In re N.R.
(Calif. Supreme Ct., per Guerrero)

December 2023

In re Marriage of Motiska and Ford
(CA-1, per Streeter)

Marital Property
November 2023

In re Marriage of Simonis
(CA-3, per Hull)

Marital Property
October 2023

In re Marriage of Cole
(CA-1, per Fujisaki)

Child Support
September 2023

Los Angeles Unified School District v. Superior Court (Jane Doe)
(Calif. Supreme Ct., per Guerrero)

August 2023

Law Finance Group, LLC v. Key
(Calif. Supreme Ct., per Kruger)

July 2023

Pyankovska v. Abid
(U.S.-9 Cir, per Parker)

June 2023

Peterson v. Thompson
(CA-1, per Stewart)



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