DissoMaster(tm) 2004-1



Version 2003-2

** Updated tax data to match the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Act of 2003.

** Added context-sensitive help for the input columns. This help is dynamically displayed in the “Dynamic Help” tab.

** Fixed a situation that would result in an over adjustment of the spousal support value. This error occurred under the following circumstance:

1.    A case is calculated, with CS enabled and a non-zero CS result.

2.    The CS is then blocked.

3.    The Spousal support adjustment method is set to “Fixed Shares Adjustment”.

The resulting spousal support adjustment would be too high. However, the error would be corrected if the case was saved, closed and re-opened.

** Mapped the F4 key to expand/collapse nodes in the Cash Flow columns.

** In some rare circumstances, the fixed shares spousal support adjustment calculation has no solution. For those cases, DissoMaster became non-responsive. This has been resolved; DissoMaster will revert to the floating shares adjustment when a fixed share adjustment solution does not exist.

** Reconfigured report footers to match those of 2002-x. This change is to help stay compatible with some printers that had difficulty with the new footer configuration.

** When a case contained an overridden Federal tax exemptions number, the auto-calculated number would reappear after saving and reopening the case. This has been corrected.

** Subtactic C was not working correctly when set to $0. This is now fixed.

** Disabling the State tax calculation for a case after a state tax calculation had already been executed did not fully clear the taxes from the calculation. This resulted in the state tax still being used in the guideline net income calculation. This is now fixed.

** If dependency exemption releases are disabled, the ‘(est)’ flag has been removed from the dependency exemption releases results display.

** In cases where the child support is undefined, the findings report listed the child support as $0. Now the child support is listed as “undef.”, and an explanatory note has been added to the bottom of the page.

** Double-clicking on Tactic 8 or Tactic 9 in the Settings dialog caused an exception. This has been fixed.


Version 2003-1b

** If a case that did not use the automatically calculated number of federal tax exemptions was saved and restored, the number of federal exemptions would always revert to be automatically calculated. This has been fixed.

** Due to security updates and other MS Internet Explorer issues, the DissoMaster calculation report did not always display properly. The code has been modified to try avoiding these issues as much as possible.

** It was not possible to install with a Demo license, and then subsequently enter the full runtime license using the Help>License dialog box. This is now fixed.

** The DissoMaster™ TimeShare™ Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet has been included.


Version 2003-1a

** When working on a file saved with a previous version of DissoMaster, the File>Save and File>Save As features sometimes failed with a message similar to “DissoMaster cannot save file”. This has been fixed.

** The spousal support user-specified formula settings were not being properly restored when a case was re-opened. This is fixed.

** The gray footer background on the printed reports was causing various problems for some printers. The gray has been removed.

** The itemized deductions were not printed with the Input Screen Report. They are now included in the printout.


      Version 2003-1

** Updated tax figures for the tax year 2002 with actual numbers. Also, updated 2003 actual and estimated figures, and added 2004 estimated figures.

** Added additional New Spouse financial details. When a party is filing as MFJ-Out, the new spouse’s applicable financial details are broken out into separate line items. These new items include all figures that affect.

** Implemented the Fam Code 4061(b) childcare allocation method.

** Changed the location where the log file is created to be the users personal directory. On multi-user setups, this prevents one user from overwriting the log file of another. It also improves the chances that the log file will be written to a location in which the user has ‘write’ permission.

** Added a Calculation Report feature that provides extensive details of the steps in calculating the guideline support numbers.

** Added a Report PDF export feature. With this feature, you can export the generated reports to Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF).

** Added ability to view the tax figures that DissoMaster is using to do federal and state tax calculations.

** Changed the default value for “Party Info->Lived w/ MFS spouse part of yr.” to “yes”.

** Many little UI tweaks.


      Version 2002-3

      ** Modified options for clearing and restoring a file:

* Eraser Icon – removed, in favor of using the New File Icon.

* File>New – restores user defaults and clears file name

* Alt-C – same as new file.

* Edit>Clear...>Clear To User Defaults – returns the case data to the defaults as set by the user.

* Edit>Clear...>Clear To Classic Defaults - returns the case data to the defaults as defined by previous versions of DissoMaster, 2001-x and before.

* Edit>Restore...>Restore Default Case – loads the current default case.

* Edit>Restore...>Restore Shipped Defaults – restores all defaults to the original application values.

** Fixed erroneous visibility of Add-ons child nodes when children are added.

** GUI State - Save and restore expanded/collapsed state of items on a per case basis.

** Fixed the error “Exception. Invalid procedure call or argument.”

* This bug is caused by an incorrect parsing of paths with the format c:\ where c is any drive letter.

** Fixed high memory usage for proposed settlement calculations.

** Changes the behavior of the User CS setting. Changing the CS calculation method to User CS should no longer triggers the “Settings Changed” flag.

** Excluding AEIC now triggers the “Tax Setting Changed” flag.

** Added menu items to manage FC 4055(b)(7) settings.

* Edit>Fam C 4055(b)(7) Range>Visible

* Edit>Fam C 4055(b)(7) Range>Use High Value

* Edit>Fam C 4055(b)(7) Range>Use Low Value

** Corrected the behavior of the “User SS” controls on the Settings dialog. The “User SS” controls incorrectly appeared to allow users to enter data when it was not checked, but then became grayed-out when any input was attempted.

** Corrected the side-effect of editing the children using the Children dialog box that caused the add-on values for each child to be lost.

** Updated SmartUI component for compatibility with WinXP SP1.

** Case file XML is now UTF-8 encoded for better extended character support.

** Changed the Reports default to table view rather than chart view.

** Added the CS formula factors to Guideline Backup item.

** Added ability to enter non-40 hour weeks, in combination with hourly pay.

** Re-order the print dialog to display a hierarchical set of choices of reports to print.

** Added additional entries for each bonus report type to the print dialog.

** Implemented F1 to open Help Contents.

** The settings that are not default now appear as blue in the settings dialog.

** The number of case setting and tax setting changes are now displayed in the "settings changed" flags.

** Added the party name to the Proposed Settlement dependent exemption  releases. Example:  "Releases to Father (opt)".

** The Presumed CS now has expandable lines that show Presumed CS child by child, just like Basic CS and Addons.

** Added shorcut keys to tool tips for Settings (S), Exemption Releases (E), AutoCalculate (Enter), Monthly/Annual(Ctl+I), Tax Year (Ctl+Y) and Findings (F).

** Added MultiSummary to the print dialog.

** The 'Optimize Dependent Release Exemptions' menu item is now disbled when auto-optimization of DRE's is enabled.

** On the Printed Order, CS is now broken out by Basic/Addon/Presumed and by child.

** Added case notes to the print dialog.

** Added new font options:

* Edit>Font Settings>Turn On/Off Automatic Font Selection – automatically adjust the font based on the application window dimensions.

* Edit>Font Settings>Select Font... - manually select the font.

* Edit>Font Settings>Restore Default Font – restore the default font as determined for the current screen resolution.

** Fixed Exemption override situation where overriding exemptions doesn't get correctly reflected in the State Form 540.

** Fixed this situation: In the calculation of per-child child support (CS allocation), the number of children remained constant in the hardship calculation, rather than being decremented for each iteration as each child was removed from consideration.

** Fixed Child Support Allocation under FC 4055(b)(7) Low Income Range. The allocation per child calculation was previously not considering the FC 4055(b)(7) LIR when it was activated.

** Fixed the optimal hardship deduction calculation when FC 4055(b)(7) Low Income Range is selected. The previous hardship calculation did not consider the FC 4055(b)(7) LIR when it was activated.

** Fixed the optimal hardship deduction calculation when User Child Support is selected. The previous hardship calculation did not consider the user-specified child support amount when it was selected.

** Added agency information to the header block of the Printed Orders form.

** Updated 2002 and 2003 California state tax brackets.


      Version 2002-2   

** Child support add-ons were not being recalled from a saved case. This is now fixed. Note: Despite this bug, the add-on figures were still being saved to the case file, just not retrieved. For files that contained add-on figures and were saved with an earlier version of DissoMaster should, this version will retrieve those figures properly.


** Tactics 2 – 8 were not being fully satisfied for a filing status of MFJ-in. This is now fixed.


** "Total taxes after credits" on page 2 of the formal report has been changed to report only the party's share of tax for a filing status of MFJ.


** Total Deductions in the Findings report has been changed to report only the party’s share of the deductions for a filing status of MFJ.


** Selecting a minimum wage didn’t translate perfectly to the same value in the hourly wage field (i.e., Minimum wage of 6.75 shows up as 6.77 in hourly). This has been corrected.


** User SS was being ignored when the low earner was remarried. This has been corrected.


** The child timeshare slider support values were incorrect under certain circumstances. This has been fixed. This bug only affected the timeshare display, not the final guideline numbers on the input screen.


** The font size on the input screen printout has been increased.


** Selecting the “save as program defaults” option on the Settings dialog was not working as advertised. Now when this option is selected, the settings get saved to the default case, and are restored upon opening a new case, or restoring the default case.


** Changing program settings, then selecting either “Save settings until program quit” or “Save settings as new program default” did not set the “Case settings changed” flag on the main window. This is fixed.


** If the license file was missing or in the wrong location, DissoMaster responded by crashing. Now DissoMaster will automatically create a demo license if it cannot find a license file.


** Changed the monthly/annual period figures hot-key from I to CTRL+I to help prevent inadvertent period changes.


** Added “Adjustments to income” entry to the Formal Report.


** Added support for command line specification of the default case.


** Opening a case that had taxes disabled for one ore both parties caused DissoMaster to crash. This has been fixed.


** Tweaked the “Clear” feature to mimic previous versions of DissoMaster. (Restore the current user defaults for settings, clear input figures to zero, and clear the case filename.)


** Added multi-summary feature.


** Year 2003 estimated taxes have been added.


** Added a better support for silent installations.


** Added “Default Case Directory” option in Program Settings.


** Added overwrite confirmation dialog when trying to save-as an existing file name.


** Improved setup. (For more info, see section I. Network Installation Strategies.)

*** Better detection of IE 5.

*** MS XML 3 is now part of the DM installation, rather than a separate setup program.

*** Windows Installer Advertisement installations are now supported.

*** Better support for silent installations.

*** Added MSI properties to support silent and advertisement installations.


      Version 2002-1d  

** Blocked taxes became unblocked when you change years. This has been fixed.


** Fixes an incorrect CS allocation for one of the children where both of the following were true: More than one child subject to support, and the high net party would become the low net party considering a lower number of children.


** In a few cases, the iteration for subtactic f produced a relatively small amount of nondeductible support while satisfying the tactic. This has been fixed.


** Total Deductions in Findings for MFJ-out cases included the new spouse’s portion of taxes. This has been fixed.


** "Total taxes after credits" on page 2 of the formal report (both Husband and Wife) reported the entire joint return tax liability. This has been fixed to show only the party’s portion of the total taxes.


** Added file name to printout headers.


** In the case of MFJ/out, the Findings and Income Declaration reports included new spouse income as part of the party's gross income. This has been fixed.


** The Printed Order's gross income showed the joint return income for MFJ-out cases. This has been corrected to be the party's income.



      Version 2002-1c

      ** Windows 95B compatibility


Modifications were made to the DissoMaster application and setup routine to make it compatible with Windows 95B.


      ** Net spendable income error corrected


In calculating the pre-support and final net spendable income, the health insurance, child support paid in other relationship, and spousal support paid in other relationship were double-counted. The guideline NDI and related calculations (such as support) were not affected by the figure, just the reporting of the NSI in the Income Declaration.


** The calculated guideline hardship deduction is now carried over into the proposed settlement calculations.


When the "calculate hardship deduction" option is enabled, the actual hardship deduction is calculated based on the child support value. Since there is no child support value in the proposed settlement, the calculated hardship deduction is zero. This has been changed so that the calculations for the proposed settlement always use the guideline hardship deduction. Tactic 9 is the exception to this change. In Tactic 9, the hardship deduction is determined using the same method as the guideline calculation.


      ** F7 hot key implemented to print input screen


      ** Bonus Income report headers clarified


Header verbiage was added to better explain the "R", "CS%", and "SS%" values in the table.


      ** Windows Scripting Host dependency removed


      ** Setup enhancements


The setup routine has been improved to do more requirements checking and to install necessary Windows components.


      Version 2002-1b

      ** Multiple user login compatibility fixes


The setup now supports installation for all users on a machine. Changes were made to the application to be able to access certain application specific data files without regard to the currently logged in user.


** Administrative rights no longer required to run the application


Previous versions required that the user have administrator rights to change the registry in order for the application to run properly. This has been changed so that now no special rights are required.


      ** UI enhancements


Added the ability to hide the toolbar and/or status bar.



      Version 2002-1a

      ** Print Detailed Input Data


Added a print option to print the details of the data entered and used for the calculations.


      ** Print Input Screen


Fixed the "Print Input Screen" feature to print the contents of the main window more clearly. Rather than do a graphical screen capture and print, this feature      now just approximates the layout of the main window and prints regular text.


      ** Date Format in Report Footer Text


Changed the date format in the footer text of reports from military format (dd/mm/yyyy) to standard US format  (mm/dd/yyyy).


      ** Excluded taxes still appearing on Income Declaration report


When some of the tax options were excluded from the calculations using the settings dialog, they were still being calculated and included in the Income Declaration Report. This problem has been fixed.


      ** WinNT Compatibility


This version should now install and run on WinNT 4.0 SP6. The previous version made some newer Shell API calls that      were not supported directly by NT4. Those function calls    have been modified to be backward compatible.


** Win98/NT Compatibility: Added Windows Scripting Host to the installation


Microsoft Windows Scripting Host (WSH) is a required component for DissoMaster to operate correctly. Win98 and WinNT did not install with WSH, so WSH needs to be installed.


Symptoms if WSH is missing: When attempting to open a previously saved  file, DissoMaster will complain that it is not a valid DissoMaster file.      (The file actually IS valid, but the application is incorrect). Also, there may be some printing problems.