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SupporTax® -- The current version has been approved
by the Judicial Council!


A premier support calculation software in California . . .


We've been working hard to make the SupporTax® support calculation software the best it can be. An industry standard for almost two decades, SupporTax® continues to provide easy, reliable spousal- and child-support calculations.


Software Highlights
This software combines seven calculators for the family law practitioner or court in one simple-to-use suite of calculators.

  • SupporTax. The original computerized support calculation program, certified by the Judicial Council for use in all courts in California. View one-page summary reports.
  • Equitable Divider. A powerful property division program.
  • Arrearage Calculator. Determines support arrearages after deducting payments made and adding in interest accrued.
  • Recapture Calculator. Calculates the amount, if any, of federal income tax recapture from spousal support payments.
  • Amortization Calculator. Generates amortization tables and calculates monthly payments and principal balances due.
  • Present Value Calculator. Calculates the present value of a stream of tax deductible or non-tax deductible payments.
  • Day Counter. Determines filing dates based on elapsed days or elapsed days based on dates. Never miss a filing date again!

Trust only the Best. We make sure your support calculations are accurate so that you don't have to. We are continuing our effort to assist SupporTax® user's by offering free training statewide. Training includes instruction from a variety of professionals: judicial officer, family law facilitator, certified family law specialist, and software specialist!


Product Formats. You have the option of purchasing a downloadable version or a CD-ROM version of SupporTax®. No CD-ROM or User's Guide will be mailed to purchasers of the downloadable version, but access to a website with both will be available.


Subscription Services. As a subscriber to SupporTax®, you will receive an update disc normally once each year and notification of interim online updates every time a change affects child- or spousal-support calculations, and every time the legislature passes a new law affecting guideline support— including urgency legislation. SupporTax® online updates keep you current with the judicial system while giving you continued technical support for each taxable year subscribed.


Main Screen


Timeshare Manager

Six Additional Calculators




Current Version:


SupporTax 2011.1 is now available! Current subscribers will receive the disk in the mail. If you do not receive the disk by April 30th, please call 1-800-953-4357 for assistance.




Min. System Requirements

• Windows® 9x or later, including Vista

• 486 or higher processor (Pentium® recommended) with at least 32 MB RAM

• 20 MB free hard disk space (up to 90 MB if neither IE nor XML is already installed on your system)

• CD drive or internet connection



Update Service

The annual update service updates SupporTax® to the latest tax year. Service includes free patches and updates as needed to keep calculations accurate


To receive update notices by email, sign up for the Software Update Notification Service at our Thomson West webstore!


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